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What is Virtual Private Server

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Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a service provided by an internet hosting service. It acts as a virtual machine. For example, VPS runs its own copy of an operating system (OS), for which users have every access, so that one can install any software which works on that operating system.
It has been specially designed for small and medium scale companies as well as for individuals to have full freedom at an affordable cost. In simple words, it can be said like taking one server and dividing it into very small servers, which functions on its own.

Working of Virtual Private Server:

Virtual Private Server works just as a dedicated server system including your own set of init scripts, user logins, system processes, file systems with limitless root access and custom application software. It also offers higher level of security with customizable firewall protection and safe isolated disk space. Each single server can choose their very own individual operating system and set up components. One can restart it anytime without affecting other servers.
Simultaneously, Virtual Private Server work both as dedicated and shared hosting. Dedicated hosting lets a client to become its sole owner of their server, which suits big companies because of the fact, it needs lot of storage space. It is quite expensive. Shared hosting let to link all websites to a single server and each website has their own division on the server. It suits small companies, which comes with affordable cost. Virtual Private Server acts as a combination of both hosting services.

Benefits of Virtual Private Server:

 Virtual Private Server joins the space between shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting services, by giving full freedom at a reasonable cost.
 Virtual Private Server gives complete access to the users to that operating system as it runs on own copy of their operating system.
 Virtual Private Server lets the users to install any software which works with that particular operating system.
 Every server will share the same hardware, but still they will work different from each other. Even if one server gets affected, all other servers will not have issues or will not be harmed/affected.