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What is Dedicated Server

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Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is a single computer in a network, which is reserved to serve the needs of network. For an instance, some networks need one computer to control communications between all the computers. A dedicated server could also be a computer to control printer resources.
A dedicated server means rental and exclusive use of a computer which covers web server, related software and internet connection placed in the premises of Web hosting company. It is needed for a website which develops considerable amount of traffic a day. The server can be operated from the client company.

Working of Dedicated Server:

The main reason for which you can opt for dedicated server is you do not need to share the server with other companies, it is completely yours. One can be a sole owner of your websites. One can also use it as a SSL dedicated server, perhaps a private FTP to handle one’s files or streaming any media or a number of other things.
It works as per you choose your content management system, operating system and applications you need. Traffic indicates whether one needs to have dedicated server or not. If your websites have more visitors, it is better to have all sources within you by using dedicated servers.

Benefits of Dedicated Server:

 Web hosting companies say that the use of dedicated server in their premises saves router, internet connection, security system and network administration costs.
 The users of dedicated servers need not share their servers with other companies, so that the resources keep your site up and running. One can also have total control over the resources.
 It has more reliability when compare to shared hosting servers.
 Dedicated servers give full administrator access, that lets one to install programs and perform custom program configurations.
 Root access helps to detect and correct potential issues before they harm the website.
 Dedicated server gives own server space without the need to store in the office. It keeps the server safe and ensure the condensation, extreme temperatures and environmental conditions do not harm the performance of the server.