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Server Penetration

A penetration test is a software attack on a computer system, which searches for security weaknesses, potentially gaining access to the features and data of the computer. In some instance, penetration test is also known as pen-test.

The process finds out the target systems and a particular goal and then reviews accessible details and then it tackles various means to obtain the goal. Penetration test may either target white box or black box. White box gives details about background and system, while black box sometimes offers only basic details or no details except the name of the company.

A penetration test helps one in finding out if a system is vulnerable to attack or not, if the defenses were sufficient or not and if there is any defenses, which defenses the test defeated. The owner of the system should be informed about the uncovered security issues in the penetration test. The reports of the penetration test may evaluate potential impacts to the organization and recommend preventive measures to reduce the risk involved.

The targets of the penetration tests are as follows:

  • 1. To find out the practicability of a particular set of attack vectors.
  • 2. To find out the high risky vulnerabilities from a combination of lower risky vulnerabilities exploited in a particular succession.
  • 3. To find out the vulnerabilities, which may be hard or not possible to notice with automated network or application vulnerability scanning software.
  • 4. To test the ability of network defenders to observe and respond to attacks.
  • 5. To provide evidence to support increased investments in security personnel and technology.


Penetration tests are the component of a full security audit. For an instance, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard needs penetration testing on a regular schedule and after system changes. Our dichosting protects your hosting server from all kind of server penetration attacks