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Data and Storage Servers

A storage server is nothing but, a server to store, access, secure and manage digital data, files and services. It is a purpose built server that can be used for saving and accessing small to large amount of data over a shared network or through the internet.

Local client nodes and remote computers access the storage server through a GUI control panel and FTP or through programmatic API access by software and applications. It can be used for routine or frequently used data storage and access, or it can serve as a backup server for saving backup data.

Storage servers are individual units. They can consist of two boxes namely, a storage unit and a server located nearby, which are placed side-by-side. In lots of situations, they come with a host of specialized services like storage management software, extra hardware for higher resilience, a range of RAID configurations and extra network connections to enable more users to be connected.

Storage servers are stand alone and they are not connected to other servers. The server can handle many tiers of storage. It can even arrange the replication of data from one tier to another.

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