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Content Delivery Network (CDN)

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Content Delivery Network (CDN)

The expansion of CDN is nothing but Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network. It is a system of distributed servers (network) which give websites and other Web content to a user based on the user’s geographic locations, the origin of the webpage and a content delivery server.

Without CDN, how does the website would be?

For an instance, if you have website hosted with a server, which has lots of images and videos, the users with good bandwidth can visit the page easily as the webpage will load faster. But for the users who have low bandwidth, will lose their patience because the videos can’t be played properly. The videos will buffer for long time.

At the same time, if your page has thousands of visitors, if it keeps buffering every time, the people will lose their patience, especially during peak hours. If your content does not load completely in the normal hours, your fans will quit your site quietly. May be, sometimes, there are completely unexpected hikes in activity. The normal server will fail in coping such issues.

Need of Content Delivery Network:

So, CDN will help in reduce the loading and buffering time of your website. This will make your page lighter to open even for the customers who have average bandwidth. If you site loads quicker than other sites, you can fascinate and impress more visitors to your page. This makes sure that full content reaches them.
For an instance: The last part of the video may have some important product, but if the video goes on loading, everyone will lose their patience to wait till it buffers. But with the help of CDN, your content will be completely delivered to the users.

CDN set up is a good backup option as well. If you have a major destruction which destroys most of your servers, even then your site will be online. CDN also manage very huge amounts of traffic easily. They will not crash by the peak rush or sudden spikes in activity. They can also bare low amount of traffic.