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CloudFlare Hosting

CloudFlare acts as a proxy between visitors and servers. It helps in caching content and also filters malicious traffic before it hits the server, enhances the over all performance of the website.

Worldwide Site Performance Improvement:

This network includes 23 locations across the world, all strategically chosen around the primary exchange points of the Internet. They are able to filter out common unwanted requests such as crawlers, spiders, malicious traffic and bots.This low traffic will leave lots of available resources for your legitimate traffic, which requires fewer resources and less bandwidth to run the site.
CloudFlare caches static content across the servers. When the content is cached they are able to serve requests for those files to users from servers which are closest to them, which gives performance gain to your site.

Bot and Threat Website Protection:

CloudFlare leverages several data sources of malicious online threats and stops any attempted attacks to your website before it reaches your site.

Spam Comments Protection:

CloudFlare restricts malicious bots which post spam comments on the website before reaching the site, which can lessen the spam content on the site.

Alerting Visitors of Infected Computers:

CloudFlare alerts the human visitors who have infected computers to take action and lets them to view your web page by entering the correct CAPTCHA.

Decreasing CPU Usage:

The content of the website will be offloaded by 23 data centers of CloudFlare which will lessen the quantity of requests to the account, that decreases CPU usage of the account.

Extra Website Statistics:

CloudFlare provides more details about the visitors of the website and categorizes the visits in to human visitors, warning and search engine crawlers.

CloudFlare enhances as the community of users grows. It has designed to scale with the goal in mind of helping power and protect the whole internet.